Effective website design considerations:

When considering a website, whether it is for your organization or yourself, there are a number of subjects to consider and decide upon. Here are important questions to think about as you begin.

Objective of your website


  • Objective of the plan  – Do you want to:
    Build a new website | Upgrade an existing site to work on mobile devices?
  • Purpose of the site - Do you want to:
    Show your business & location | Display your capabilities | Get inquiries | Sell merchandise | Other?
  • User Response - What do you want your visitor to do:
    Request a call | Come to your business | Download an article | Purchase a product | Other?
  • Navigation alternatives - Do you want the viewer to:
    View categories of services or products | Go through several steps or tasks - e.g. complete a survey. Or are there multiple types of viewers with different objectives, or needs?

Design of your content


  • Who is your target visitor: Individual |  homeowner | Company | Academic | Non-Profit
    organization | Other ?
  • What does you visitor want? What are their Values | Concerns | Attributes
  • Content – Do you want any of the following features:
    Contact Forms | Discussion Forums | Search | Calendar | Maps |  Other.
    We can integrate any and all of these, and make third party application recommendations.
  • Graphics - The purpose of a website is to convey information to the visitor that is effective in achieving your desired objective. Graphics that make the site attractive are and excellent way to build a connection with your visitor, but if your graphics require the visitor to do more “work” (e.g. clicks) to find out what they want / need to know, they can be counter-productive.
  • Images – Do you have the images for your website | Do you need unique graphics designed | Do you want a slideshow or image gallery?
    We can help select and  install any royalty free (or purchased) images you would like to have on your site.
  • Sound and video – Do you have audio (e.g. mp3) or video (e.g. mp4, wmv) files to use on your website?
    Note that Flash video is not compatible with Apple Safari browsers and iPhones.
  • Users Finding your site - Search Engine Optimization should be included.
  • Reliability - Site backup and restore should be included.

We are happy to discuss all of these subjects with you. We would love to hear from you and discuss your needs to see if we can support your requirements.